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Instructor Gathering

The 2020 Instructor Gathering will take place on Saturday the 22nd of February at Stirling Court Hotel.  This year we will be introducing a networking session after the close of the conference.  It will be an informal opportunity to speak to other instructors in the bar area.  The timing will coincide with the Rugby kick off which will be playing in the bar.

There will be discounted accommodation available at the hotel and we will also be offering discounted ticket prices for under 25s

The programme will include updates from the RYA and RYA Scotland, short carousel sessions and longer workshops.  We will also be bringing back the opportunity for clubs and centres to advertise instructor opportunities.  In addition we will be introducing the option for freelance instructors to advertise their services.   

To sign up to the day, please visit 

If you would like to book accomodation for the event, please use the discount code  Kx230370 when booking with the Hotel

Workshop 1

Radio Detection And Ranging known to most of us as RADAR. First invented in 1935! the emphasis on the use of radar is now being pushed during Yachtmaster examinations putting more pressure on Instructors at all levels of the cruising scheme to get the principles  and use of radar across to  their students. Wither its collision avoidance or as a navigation aid Cumbrae Instructors Angus and Rod, who  have been using and teaching Radar for over 20 years, will guide you through what Instructors should be doing and what the students need to know (Angus Fergusson and Rod Smith)  

Delivering RYA Safety Boat training Not easy for Instructors who often have a limited experience and minimal training on how to deliver the RYA Safety Boat course.  We explore  the range of significant challenges and issues that make running the safety boat course fundamentally different from teaching the powerboat level 2 syllabus. The workshop offers guidance to Instructors on the delivery of this course, dealing with the issues, as well as covering some guidance and discussion on dealing entrapments, inversions Cats, Kites and Foils.  (David Frame and David Kent)  

Onboard; There has been a lot of work done with the Onboard programme in recent years to update the instructor resources.  The RYA have also been working with Professor Bill Lucas to create the Onboard Character attributes which demonstrate what other skills sailing brings to participants.  Robin Nicol will show some of the new resources available to onboard centres, answer questions about the programme and facilitate discussion on running fun and engaging sessions  

Supporting Instructors; Most clubs and centres in Scotland struggle with their instructor numbers and we have seen a drop in numbers attending Senior Instructor courses.  Matt Toynbee will be delivering a workshop exploring different ways we can support other instructors within our club or centre as well as looking at building a positive environment for our instructors        

Workshop 2

High Speed Navigation at night in an open boat can be particularly challenging but there are a range of techniques that can be applied and combined making position finding  easier. Of use to all instructors looking to improve their own navigation, useful  for anyone considering taking a Yachtmaster or powerboat exam and essential for Instructors who teach navigation on the water. Attendance at this workshop will be beneficial for any powerboat Instructors who wish to follow this up by attending a practical CPD weekend 14th / 15th March at Cumbrae which will provide, among other things, the opportunity to put these techniques into practice in the dark.  (David Frame & Rod Smith)  

Optimising the Learning Environment; A workshop designed to explore ways in which we can structure practice designed to empower your students and engage them further in their learning. By developing our knowledge of feedback we hope in turn that students develop their own judgment and decision making skills. This workshop explores how we can be clever about practice and feedback passing ownership over to the student.  (Calum McNicol)  

“Ask not what your yacht engine can do for you, but what you can do for your engine” - A session that encourages Cruising and Yachtmaster instructors to deliver a more in-depth session for their students with the aim of developing  a better understanding of the key stages of engine maintenance particularly around fuel and water cooling systems. The session will be led by Peter Braidwood, a Yachtmaster Instructor for over 25 years.  Peter swopped working on big ship engines for yachts in the early 1980s and brings simple and easy to follow techniques for ensuring engine knowledge is a key learning experience from any RYA cruising course. (Peter Braidwood)  

Sailability; The Sailability team from RYA will deliver a workshop looking at ways we can support people with disabilities within our training sessions. They will explore some of the practical ways we can adapt our sessions or equipment to meet the needs of our students.     

 0930 Welcome and Introductions
 1015 RYA Training Update
 1115 Morning Break
 1130 Carousel Sessions
 1230 Lunch
 1315 Workshop 1
 1445 Afternoon Break
 1500 Workshop 2
1630 Final Closing remarks

Networking session/Home time


If you have any questions, please contact Nikki

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