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Club Development Framework

Club Development is about looking at the sailing club you love and asking the question, ‘Could we be better?’. Preserving the best of what you do now, while making the club sustainable for the future. Having a shared commitment to improving what you do now, even by 10%, can make a massive difference to life at your club.

The Club Development Framework is a series of six guides to help your club, centre or organisation to continue to develop, to check and challenge where you have got to and to help ask some of those 'harder' questions about the current and future direction of your club. They have been created using insight gathered from working with Focus Clubs around Scotland and we thank them for helping to shape this framework.


Within these guides you’ll find advice, tools and tips to help you put club development on the agenda and gather the confidence you need to move forwards. We are supporting the guides with a series of videos that will also help to bring to life some of the key points and tips that we would like you to think about. You can also pick up the phone or email Robin, Jack or Liza in the Participation & Development Team to chat through any of the sections or to get examples of how other clubs have taken this forward.



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