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Active Marina

We can help you enjoy your boating more.

Boat ownership is all about freedom and having fun. The RYA's Active Marina Programme is designed to help you get more out of life with your boat. The programme encourages and supports increased berth holder activity by partnering with marinas, RYA recognised training centres, berth holder groups and yacht clubs to establish or enhance a programme of training, cruising and social opportunities.

The Active Marina programme is supported by MalinWaters in Scotland for 2013. Funding provided by MalinWaters is helping to provide instructors for on-water training and also to support events and activities that take boat owners to other venues. The Active Marina programme in Scotland aims to encourage people to develop their skills, increase their confidence, sail to places they haven't been before and to engage more with their boat generally.


RYA recognised training centres provide the best training in the world for boaters. Through your local RYA training centre, the programme provides you with practical and shorebased workshops at your marina, aimed at increasing competence and confidence out on the water.

'Cruise in Company'

Cruising in company is a relaxed and enjoyable way to extend your cruising horizons with the added bonus of the camaraderie of a small flotilla.

As well as benefitting from the experience and knowledge of others, it also gives you the opportunity to socialise with other boat owners and berth holders.

Marinas are fantastic places to meet like-minded families and crew. The Active Marina Programme helps to set up and develop berth holder groups for social events and mutual support and advice.

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