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Anti-Doping Policy

The following information and links will tell you all you need to know about Anti-Doping in sport and in sailing.

RYA Scotland (RYAS) has resolved to adopt the anti-doping rules of RYA as of the 2nd September 2010.

1.    In the area of anti-doping, the RYA Scotland (RYAS) defers to the jurisdiction of the Royal Yachting Association (RYA).

2.    Further to clause 1:

    a. The anti-doping rules of the RYA (the ‘Anti-Doping Rules) apply to the sport of sailing in Scotland; and

    b. Persons participating in the sport of sailing under the jurisdiction of the RYAS who qualify as ‘participants’ (as that term is defined in the Anti-Doping Rules) are bound by and must comply in all respects with the Anti-Doping Rules.

RYAS shall recognise and take all necessary steps to give full force and effect within its jurisdiction (a) to the Anti-Doping Rules; and (b) to any sanction(s) imposed under the Anti-Doping Rules.


For full details of the RYA Anti-Doping procedure please follow the link:


For more information please find the useful contacs below:

UK Anti Doping
Report Doping in Sport: 08000 32 23 32

Apply for a Theraputic Use Excemption (TUE):

World Anti Doping Agency

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