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Scottish Keelboat Academy

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The Scottish Keelboat Academy is a partnership between RYA Scotland and the Royal Northern & Clyde Yacht Club. It provides the vehicle for young sailors to develop their keelboat racing and supporting skills.

If you are aged from 16 to 24, are an active sailor in any discipline, and would like to find out more please complete the application form to the right of this page or contact Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club.

The Aim of the Academy is provide young aspiring keelboat sailors with the skills that will propel them into keelboat racing in Scotland, the UK/British Keelboat Academy and beyond.

There is a full programme of coached weekends at RNCYC over the winter with additional shore-based training in other related topics, detailed below;

Core Coaching Programme

19th 20th Nov 2016 – Introduction Weekend

3rd 4th Dec 2016 - Sonar Weekend 1

11th 12th Feb 2017 – Sonar Weekend 2

25th 26th Feb 2017 - Sonar Weekend 3

18th 19th Mar 2017 - Sonar Weekend 4


1st 2nd April 2017 - SKA Campaign Weekend 1

22nd 23rd April 2017 - SKA Campaign Weekend 2

17th 18th June 2017 - SKA Team Race Training

15th 16th July 2017 - SKA Big Boat weekend 1

12th 13th August 2017 - SKA Big boat weekend 2

Summer Race Programme

RNCYC Sonars will be made available to SKA Members to race in Clyde regattas

Applications for the SKA can be found to the right of this page or on the RNCYC website of for the British Keelboat Academy

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