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The Pathway

The RYA Scotland Performance Sailing Pathway looks to support junior, youth and senior sailors along their sailing journey via a number of programmes and intiatives. The aim is to create rounded adaptable athletes with the ambition and ability to get selected for GBR Teams at a Youth and Senior level whilst succeeeding on the National, International and Olympic stage.

Our programmes evolve around the British Youth Sailing 5 critical success factors:  

  1. Create fast sailors in all conditions 
  2. Develop mentally and physically robust athletes
  3. Develop excellent non-dependent decision makers 
  4. Develop sailors that excel under extreme pressure
  5. Nurture passion, professionalism and performance mind-set

Whilst establishing a foundation of behaviours that will underpin a sailors progression throughout their sailing journey:

  1. Passionately Ambitious - Be the best you can be
  2. Curiosity - Desire to continually learn and improve
  3. Courage & Determination - Never give up
  4. Ownership & Responsibility - Strive for non-dependency 
  5. Respect & Integrity - Doing the right thing