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RYA Scotland Performance Teams

If you think you have the potential to be the next Scottish sailor on the Olympic podium and you are committed to working hard, improving yourself as an athlete and pushing the limits then the Performance Team route is for you!


The RYA Scotland Performance Team is the pinnacle of the Junior and Youth Performance Pathway in Scotland, acting as the next step after Class Academy involvement. Those selected for the Team will be offered the opportunity to attend 6 training camps that will focus on building upon the skills and support necessary for GBR Squad Selection.

Our expert coaches in each class will provide a programme of activity throughout the year to help improve not only your sailing skills but your development as a athlete.

As part of the Performance Team, sailors will be expected to attend certain national events and additional fitness workshops.

The following 2019/20 Scotland Performance Teams are now open for application here

  • Topper
  • Optimist
  • Laser

Please submit your applications by noon on the 11th August 2019.

Standards are high, applications for the Performance Teams will be open throughout the summer with offers being made by early September.  If you have any questions, please contact Abbie Hewitt, our High Performance Manager.

Techno Team

  • Techno

The 2019/20 RYA Scotland Techno Team supports up and coming talent from the T15 initiative. The teams main focus is to further develop young windsurfers with the racing skills needed to progress into the GBR pathway.

Application is now open! When completing your application form please refer to the Techno Team Selection Policy and privacy statement found on the Selection page. Applications should be returned to  by 12 noon on 16 September 2019.

Invitational Training

  • 420
  • 29er

This season (2019-20) the RYA Scotland will be running Invitational training for 29er and 420 sailors demonstrating the potential to progress to a Performance Team level the following year (2020-21). The invitational training has been designed to compliment the Class Academy programme and reflect the level of the sailors currently competing in these classes.

Invitation to these weekends will be a combined decision made by the RYA Scotland Class Academy Head Coach, Class and Academy Officer and High Performance Manager and will be based on the criteria detailed below:  

Sailors will:

  1. Be committed to the RYA Scotland Class Academy programme and Events
  2. Be teamed up in an established pairing
  3. Be competing at national events and/or participating in national open training
  4. Have a primary place of residence in Scotland  
  5. Demonstrate the British Youth Sailing Values and Behaviours  

Please note all decisions made are final and shall not be challenged.  Invitation to this additional training is fluid and will occur on an individual training weekend basis (at least one month prior to the training date). If you are not invited the first time around please do not be disheartened, this offers an opportunity for you as a sailor to contact the Class Academy Head Coach, Class and Academy Officer or High Performance Manager to discuss areas for improvement in preparation for the next opportunity. 





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