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Devolution of Crown Estates

While the actual devolution of the management of Crown Estate assets in Scotland is yet to happen, RYA Scotland is right at the discussion table with representatives from the Scottish Government, Marine Scotland, Local Authorities and other industry and interested parties. We are there to represent the interests of the recreational boating community at large in what is a challenging transition that may bring both benefits and drawbacks to recreational boating, RYA members and RYA affiliated clubs in Scotland. RYA Scotland has worked closely with the Crown Estate in the current set-up and we are keen to ensure that we retain a potent voice in future decision making structures that will affect the use of the marine environment.

Currently Crown Estates have moved their Scottish assets under the management of a Scottish Business Unit. This is still part of Crown Estates but enables the business aspects of Crown Estates in Scotland to be packaged ready for transition at the date of transfer.

Scottish Ministers have announced the need for interim arrangements to be put in place from the date of transfer until a permanent arrangement can be put in place. RYA Scotland is part of the group being consulted on both the interim arrangements and the long term framework.

We know the interim arrangements will involve a single entity managing the Crown Estate assets in Scotland but the shape of the longer term framework is still to evolve.

It is likely that there will ultimately be further devolution of the management of these assets to a more local level and local communities feature in the thinking. This could well bring decision making closer to individual Clubs and the communities they are in with potential funding benefits. However the same approach could easily dilute the representation of bodies such as RYA Scotland at critical decisions and adversely affect access for boating or dilute funding so much as to make it ineffective. It is a mixed bag of pros and cons.

Nonetheless RYA Scotland is engaging positively in the process and through the vigilance and activity of the Cruising and General Purpose Committee we will continue to ‘Protect and Promote’ your boating in this arena.

For our most recent correspondence as part of the Scottish Government Stakeholder Advisory Group on the Crown Estate please view the letter on the right hand side.

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