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Marine Renewables

We work with our colleagues in Hamble and with the relevant statutory authorities and stakeholders in Scotland including Marine Scotland and the Northern Lighthouse Board as well as with developers and their consultants. To limit adverse impacts of marine renewable developments on navigational safety of recreational boating around the coast whilst being alert to any possible benefits that might accrue. Marine Scotland sends us licence applications for marine renewables and we respond to all of them, drawing on the specific local knowledge of our network of coastwatchers. In fact, by the time a licence application is submitted we may have already been involved at several stages including the identification of key issues to be addressed (scoping), and attendance at Navigational Risk Assessment meetings.

Local meetings are often held by developers and you are encouraged to attend, as there may be local issues that RYA Scotland is unaware of. Please keep us informed of any such issues so that we can best support you. While we are well aware of all the large schemes, small wave and tidal schemes may be proposed and it is important that we are alerted as soon as possible.

To support our case, RYA has published the UK Coastal Atlas of Recreational Boating, now in its third edition and available on National Marine Plan Interactive, and the fourth edition of the position papers on wind, wave and tidal offshore renewable Energy Installations (September 2015). These are well used by Marine Scotland and by developers.


There are several windfarms on the east coast with others at an early stage of construction. There are also two floating windfarms. There is now little activity in wave power schemes, but two tidal schemes have been developed with other devices being tested at the EMEC facilities in Orkney. 

Dr G Russell
RYA Scotland Planning and Environment Officer

Last updated 30th May 2019

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