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How to Buy RYA eBooks

You can buy RYA eBooks in four different ways:

  1. RYA website (eBooks are stored in the RYA Books app)
  2. RYA Books app ("in-app" purchases are made in the RYA Books app)
  3. Apple Books
  4. Google Play Books

Download a Taster First

Please download a free “Taster” on your chosen platform before you purchase a full eBook. This ensures that your device is compatible and that you are happy with the content before committing to buy.

You can download a Taster using the RYA Books app (How to Download RYA eBooks). Open the app and navigate to the Tasters section. There’s no need to log in. Alternatively, download a sample from Apple Books or Google Play Books.

Please note: The RYA Books app is not available on MacOS or Windows 7. We recommend switching to an alternative platform or using Online Access to view eBooks using your web browser. 

How to Buy an RYA eBook

RYA Website

Read eBooks purchased from the RYA website in the RYA Books app on three devices

After buying an eBook from the RYA website, you'll receive an email confirmation. New eBook customers will also receive login details and install instructions for the RYA Books app. If you're an existing customer, your eBook will automatically be added to your RYA Books account.

RYA members are entitled to a discount on the RYA website.

Buying through the RYA website also gives you Online Access to eBooks through your web browser. 

Please note: Your RYA Books login is separate from the RYA website login.

eBook Subscriptions

Purchasing an eBook subscription package is an alternative to buying individual eBooks.

These affordable packages provide access to all relevant material for the different RYA training schemes. RYA instructors receive access to additional value-added material for any subscription purchased, based on their instructor credentials.

You can purchase eBook subscriptions through the RYA website.


In-app purchases are made through the RYA Books app for iOS or Android – no RYA Books account required

After downloading the RYA Books app for iOS or Android, you can browse the categories and purchase an eBook "in-app". You'll need to sign in with your Apple ID or Google account.

Depending on your device, your payment is processed by Apple or Google, not the RYA.

If you want to take advantage of your RYA Members' discount, please buy your eBooks through the RYA website instead.

Apple Books

Apple Books are accessible and are separate from the RYA Books app

We're currently converting all RYA eBooks to Apple Books. These books feature enhanced functionality and accessibility options.

You can read Apple Books using the Books app on any iOS or MacOS device. You'll need to sign in with your Apple ID.

Please note: Your payment is processed by Apple. RYA Books purchases don't transfer to Apple Books, or vice versa.

Google Play Books

Google Play Books are accessible and are separate from the RYA Books app

We're also releasing our eBooks as Google Play Books. These books feature accessibility options, but don't support animations, videos or enhancements.

You can read Google Play Books using the Play Books app on Android, iOS or PC, as long as you're signed into your Google account.

Please note: Your payment is processed by Google. RYA Books purchases don't transfer to Google Play Books, or vice versa.


Wherever Apple and Google pricing tiers allow, we price match eBooks, Apple Books, Google Play Books and printed books.

Next Step: Download Your RYA eBook

Visit How to Download Your RYA eBook for step-by-step instructions to help you download your eBooks.

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