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About RYA eBooks

Enhanced and Interactive eBooks

We have enhanced our eBooks (where possible) by embedding animations, videos and interactive tools to help illustrate the key points. Our aim is to bring the content to life. As such, these eBooks are a great resource, supporting our world-famous training courses.

You have the choice to download and read RYA eBooks in the way that works best for you. Including:

Find out more about How to Buy RYA eBooks and How to Download RYA eBooks.

Accessible eBooks

We're committed to producing eBooks that everyone can enjoy, including those with a range of hearing and sight abilities.

We're in the process of converting all RYA eBooks to Apple Books and Google Play Books. These platforms allow us to produce fully accessible eBooks.

If you require an accessible RYA eBook, we recommend purchasing an Apple Book. If you can't find a particular book, contact

Find out more about Apple's accessibility features.

Enhanced Content

In our eBooks, you'll see some great interactive content. Here are some examples:


We've created animated examples of the voice procedures in the RYA VHF Handbook (E-G31). Additionally, we've linked the content from sample questions in RYA VHF Syllabus & Questions (E-G26) to help students prepare for the RYA SRC exam.

VHF Handbook Video 


We've developed a special tool to give shorebased navigation students a chance to try using tidal curves in RYA Training Almanacs (E-TAN and E-TAS).

E-TAN tidal chart 

RYA Case Book 2017-2020

We've created our own rules engine, which links the racing rules to RYA and World Sailing cases, and also Q&As, in our RYA Case Book 2017-2020.

RYA Casebook


Our interactive content can be used to demonstrate or enhance learning on and off the water, by students and instructors alike. There are a whole host of useful features (which we're constantly evolving) that will help you manage content, such as:

  • Bookmarking
  • Note-taking
  • Inter-edition page history and linking
  • Search
Page history

Viewing, Printing and Exporting

In order to take full advantage of interactivity and functionality, RYA eBooks are designed to be read solely within the RYA Books app, through Apple Books, Google Play Books, or Online Access. There is no provision to print or export to other applications, but you can share individual pages.

Next Steps

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