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RCD Standards - Commercial Monthly Subscription

(1-Month eSubscription) (RCD-C1)

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Product Description

Please read the RYA eBooks: How to Guide and download a Taster before buying an eBook.

This 1-month subscription includes online access to 21 harmonised standards for the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD II 2013/53/EU) relevant to design, construction and stability for vessels in commercial use.

Monthly subscribers will be able to view the standards (not download) through the RYA Books app.

Please note: this subscription grants single-user access to the standards.

Standards included:

  • BS EN ISO 6185-2:2018
  • BS EN ISO 6185-3:2018
  • BS EN ISO 6185-4:2018
  • BS EN ISO 7840:2018
  • BS EN ISO 9094:2017
  • BS EN ISO 10088:2017
  • BS EN ISO 10133:2017
  • BS EN ISO 10239:2017
  • BS EN ISO 10592:2017
  • BS EN ISO 11105:2017
  • BS EN ISO 11812:2018
  • BS EN ISO 12215-4:2018
  • BS EN ISO 12215-5:2019
  • BS EN ISO 12215-5:2008+A1:2014
  • BS EN ISO 12216:2018
  • BS EN ISO 12217-1:2017
  • BS EN ISO 12217-2:2017
  • BS EN ISO 13297:2018
  • BS EN ISO 14895:2016
  • BS EN ISO 15085:2003+A1:2009
  • BS EN ISO 15085:2003+A2:2018

You can find further information and the full title of each standard on this page.

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