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RCD Standards - Supply Chain Monthly Subscription

(1-Month eSubscription) (RCD-SC1)

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Product Description

Please read the RYA eBooks: How to Guide and download a Taster before buying an eBook.

This 1-month subscription includes online access to 23 harmonised standards for the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD II 2013/53/EU) relevant to installations, fittings, equipment and machinery which may be fitted to recreational vessels.

Monthly subscribers will be able to view the standards (not download) through the RYA Books app.

Please note: this subscription grants single-user access to the standards.

Standards included:

  • BS EN ISO 8469:2018
  • BS EN ISO 8665:2017
  • BS EN ISO 8847:2017
  • BS EN ISO 9097:2017
  • BS EN ISO 11547:2018
  • BS EN ISO 12215-1:2018
  • BS EN ISO 12215-2:2018
  • BS EN ISO 13590:2018
  • BS EN ISO 13929:2017
  • BS EN ISO 14509-3:2018
  • BS EN ISO 15085:2003+A1:2009
  • BS EN ISO 15085:2003+A2:2018
  • BS EN ISO 15584:2017
  • BS EN 15609:2012
  • BS EN ISO 15652:2017
  • BS EN ISO 16147:2017
  • BS EN ISO 16315:2016
  • BS EN ISO 18854:2015
  • BS EN ISO 19009:2015
  • BS EN ISO 21487:2012+A1:2014
  • BS EN ISO 21487:2012+A2:2015
  • BS EN ISO 25197:2012+A1:2014
  • BS EN 60092-507:2015

You can find further information and the full title of each standard on this page.

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