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How can I buy RYA vouchers?

Vouchers make the ideal gift for the watersports enthusiast.

It's also a perfect way for organisations to give away a training course with marine products as sales incentives or as a reward to its employees.

The benefit of the vouchers is that they can be redeemed at any RYA Training Centre in the UK or abroad. Vouchers are valid for two years from the date of purchase (subject to any specific expiry date on the reverse or purchases made before February 2016). 

Vouchers can be purchased online from the RYA Shop or call us on 02380 604132.

Where can I spend my voucher?

You can use your voucher to pay in full or in part for RYA Training Courses. Use our Find A Training Centre facility to find centres which accept RYA vouchers. It is advisable that you make contact with the organisation at an early stage, and let them know that you will be using RYA Vouchers in full or part payment, so that they can make sure they are fully prepared to accept them at the point of purchase.

Can I spend my vouchers with the RYA?

Yes, you can spend your vouchers to buy RYA Publications, or as full or part of your payment on Personal Membership of the RYA.

To do so, please place your order directly with our Despatch department on 02380 604132 or and then send your accompanying vouchers to our Accounts department where the amount will be credited against your account.

What denominations do vouchers come in?

Vouchers are available in denominations of £10, £20, £50 and £100.

Can I get change if my vouchers exceed the value of the products for which I am paying?

This is entirely down the the organisation redeeming the voucher. They may offer cash change, other vouchers, or no change at all.

Is there a time limit for using the vouchers?

Any vouchers sold from February 2016 will be valid for two years from the date of purchase. Please see the back of the vouchers for the expiration date.

How secure are the vouchers?

The vouchers have been produced using the latest in secure production technology. There are security features embedded within the voucher that even RYA staff don't know about, as a last line of defence in case of fraudulent use of vouchers.

What are the Terms and Conditions of using vouchers?

These are detailed on the reverse of your voucher. However these are repeated below for your information.

  1. This voucher may be used in any participating RYA Training Centre. 
  2. This voucher may be used as full or part payment for the purchase of RYA Training Courses or any other goods or services that each individual retailer may deem acceptable.
  3. This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash.
  4. Certificate has value of 0.001p and is not transferable or assignable.
  5. Vouchers with the stub detached are void.
  6. Mutilated, damaged or defaced vouchers are void and may not be used.
  7. The RYA is not liable for any vouchers being lost, damaged or stolen.
  8. The decision to offer change in cash or vouchers, is the sole decision of the retailer. You are advised to ascertain this fact before entering into a transaction.
  9. Please note that other Terms and Conditions may apply when using this voucher at one of the participating outlets. You are advised to request details before entering into an agreement with any organisation.

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