Wingsurfing, and the more advanced wingfoiling, uses a wing with an inflated leading edge on a strut/boom. Unlike windsurfing, the wing isn’t attached to the board, but is still controlled by your hands whilst standing. A bit like conventional windsurfing you can choose to fly the wing on a plain board or one with foils.

No previous watersports experience is necessary and you can learn the basics on a large windsurf board or windSUP (stand-up paddleboard). If you want to move to the next level, you'll need a dedicated wingfoiling board which has a foil attached. 

Find out more about our new scheme of progressive wingsurfing and wingfoiling courses below. 

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Wing courses

Our wing courses will introduce you to flying the wing and feeling confident on the water. No previous experience necessary!


Learn to Wingsurf

A basic introduction to winging, setting the foundations of learning to fly the wing ashore and afloat.

Improve your Wingsurfing

Increase your confidence and improve tacking and gybing.

Wingfoil courses

Once you've developed the fundamentals of winging and are confident holding ground upwind, gybing and returning to a start point you're ready to take flight and learn to wingfoil.


First Flights

An introduction to the concept of foiling, the equipment and all the knowledge you need to 'take off' for the first time

Sustained Flights

Gain the skills and confidence to sustain foiling, feel comfortable steering and maintain a good stance and ride height

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