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Intermediate Windsurfing (Planing)

Windsurfing IntermediateAfloat

The second part of the Intermediate course, building on your skills to get the board planing.

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Assumed knowledge:
Start Windsurfing level
Minimum duration:
8-10 hours on the water
Minimum age:
None (although under 16s may prefer to learn through the Youth Windsurfing Scheme)
Faster tacks, use of the harness and getting in the footstraps. Get ready for the excitement of blasting control. Beach starting and carve gybing are taught on this course or as a separate clinic tailored to your needs
Ability afterwards:
Sail on all points in a variety of conditions using faster tacks and the harness. As you progress through this level, you will also be able to use the footstraps and get planing

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