Portsmouth Yardstick

Since its introduction in the 1950s, the RYA has published details of how the Portsmouth Numbers should be used and how clubs should assist the RYA in being part of the assessment process. This website includes recommendations on the Schemes use, including methods of number adjustment and the current Portsmouth Numbers.


Portsmouth Yardstick Documentation


The RYA has now published the revised Portsmouth Yardstick Documentation. These documents have been designed for both sailors and clubs to gain a better understanding of how the scheme should be best used and getting the fairest results when allocating Portsmouth Numbers.

The documentation is formed of the below documents:


This is a brief introduction to the scheme as a whole, its objective and who can use the scheme.

Number adjustment & Club list

Gives guidance to clubs on methods of calculating number adjustments and how these should be applied to the club list

Pursuit Race

Is an excel spreadsheet used by a club to calculate the starting times for holding a pursuit race with the Portsmouth Yardstick scheme.

Running Races

Includes a variety of standard definitions used within the other documentation along with some other key principles.

Specimen Race

Is one of the methods that a club can use to calculate any number adjustments required to give fairer handicaps. This worksheet takes the club through the steps in carrying out such a calculation.

Using the Scheme

Includes a variety of standard definitions used within the other documentation along with some other key principles.

Current PY list
Current Limited Data List
PY Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions Advice

Advice on PY notice of race and sailing instructions.




Clubs that have an active multihull fleet within their club racing may use the SHCRS system for rating multihulls. If a club also races mixed fleets where Dinghies, Keelboats and Multihulls race together an agreed conversion rate is used between the RYA and the SCHRS to convert SCHRS to PN "look alike" number. A link to the SCHRS page on converting their numbers is seen on the right of this page.

Any club that uses PN's for Multihulls or PN "look alike" numbers based on SCHRS number is strongly encouraged to use the PYOnline analysis website to further adjust PN's to ensure they are as statistically as accurate as possible.




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