Handicap systems

 The RYA administers two handicapping systems used in the UK allowing different class of boats to compete against each other


Portsmouth Yardstick

The RYA Portsmouth Yardstick is a scheme operated jointly by the RYA and its Affiliated clubs.

The scheme, used worldwide, is reviewed yearly and amended to keep handicaps up to date, including new boats and adaptations of current classes. The scheme relies on sailing clubs using the suggested numbers, published by the RYA, and amending for their club before feeding this information back to the RYA via PY Online.



The RYA YTC powered by the RORC Rating Office is a free rating system to promote participation in racing cruisers. The system was taken on by the RYA in 2022 after a decade of it being run in the South West by its creators (SWYTC) with the objective to provide a simple rating assessment so that skippers of any skill level may feel encouraged to enter their boats in one off races, club series or even port regattas.