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Reeds Almanacs 2022

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An image showing a woman in a marina. She has an iPhone in one hand and large white headphones on her head. She has her other hand raised to one side of the headphones. There are boats moored in the background.

Our first four audiobooks are available with more on the way. They are able to interact with the increasingly popular smart speakers, voice recognition devices and other streaming devices. Find out more about our approach in this new and exciting area.

An image showing an iPhone on a stand at the forefront of the image, and a MacBook in the background. The RYA Books app is displayed on the iPhone. A web page about RYA eBook Subscriptions is displayed on the MacBook.

These are affordable packages which provide access to all relevant material for the different RYA training schemes. RYA instructors receive access to additional value-added material for any subscription purchased, based on their instructor credentials.

An image showing two sailors trapezing in a dinghy. They are both wearing lifejackets under long-sleeved navy blue rash vests which have the British Sailing Team Logo on them. There are waves below them.

We have a wide selection of print books and eBooks to support all levels of sail racing from the basic rules books to more detailed explanation of each rule. We have cutting edge interactive eBooks, case books, tactics and coaching books as well as the very popular World Sailing app.

Racing Books

RYA Racing Rules Sailing 2021-2024

(Book) (YR1)



RYA The Racing Rules Explained 2021-2024 (eBook)

(eBook) (E-G80)



RYA Racing for Yachts and Keelboats (E-Book)

(eBook) (E-G107)


Our Bestsellers

RYA Collision Regulations

(Book) (G2)



RYA Day Skipper Handbook Sail

(Book) (G71)



RYA Powerboat Handbook

(Book) (G13)


Top eBooks

RYA Weather Handbook (eBook)

(eBook) (E-G133)



RYA Collision Regulations (eBook)

(eBook) (E-G2)



RYA Competent Crew Skills (eBook)

(eBook) (E-CCPCN)