Small Commercial Vessel Coding

The RYA is a Certifying Authority approved to issue Small Commercial Vessel (SCV) Certificates on behalf of the UK, Jersey, Guernsey, Cayman Islands, BVI & Isle of Man.

If the vessel is British, or is operating in UK waters, and is to be used commercially at sea it is a requirement that it has been issued with an SCV Certificate by a Certifying Authority such as the RYA. Commercial use broadly means engaged in activities on a commercial basis, even if not for payment, carrying cargo or passengers. Pleasure vessels and club owned boats are excluded from the scope of the Code

The requirements for vessels in commercial use for sport & pleasure, up to 24 metres in length, is contained within MGN 280, which can be viewed on the website. The code requires each boat, to be assessed for its stability and to undergo a full, out-of-the water survey, in water survey and a check of its safety equipment prior to certification..

How to Code My Vessel

To code your vessel you will first need to complete the SCV1 form and submit it to us. Once you have submitted your SCV1 you will then need to contact a surveyor who will be able to carry out you compliance survey. Once this has been carried out and the paper work is complete we will then issue you with your small commercial vessel certificate.


The codes of practice detail the equipment a vessel must have onboard, the standards and specifications of some of the vessels outfit and the competency & qualification requirements of the skipper and crew of the vessel. Boats authorised to take fare paying passengers should as a result be well found and equipped with the appropriate safety gear, all in working order. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) Codes of Practice for Small Commercial Vessels (SCV) is your guarantee that the boat is sound, well found and equipped with the appropriate safety gear, all in working order.

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