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Sailability Volunteers

Sailing with a disability can seem like a daunting challenge but with support and help the task can be made so much more fun and manageable.

By volunteering your time you can help more people enjoy sailing by utilising your skills to teach people to sail, drive powerboats, assist people with disabilities on and off the water, help organise events, assist with first aid, fundraising, refreshments and rigging, there is a large variety of roles to be filled not just for able bodied helpers but everyone can get involved.

To find your local Sailability site to offer your support please use the 'Find a Facility' search on the website by selecting the Sailability Centre facility and the region you are interested in. You can request a printed copy of this from our office, please e-mail with your details.

To chat about local volunteering opportunities and advice please contact your Regional Organiser. Please 'See Also' links to download the contact details for the Regional Organiser in your area.

RYA Sailability are currently working on a series of information guidance about volunteers within disabled sailing. These sheets will help clubs find volunteers, retain, train and support them as part of the Sailability Best Practice Manual which can be downloaded via 'See Also' link.

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