Promoting & Protecting

Safe, Successful and Rewarding British Boating.

As our sports National Governing Body we work hard to protect your members recreational boating interests by:

Providing a robust articulate and intelligent voice to represent recreational boating on all relevant aspects of legislation and policy. This ensures that legislators, regulators and other authorities understand and take account of recreational boating activity.

Seeking to influence in order to remain a self-regulated activity where our preferred approach of taking personal responsibility and 'education not legislation' prevails.

Resisting legislation or red tape that we believe to be disproportionate, ineffective or unenforceable, or will place an unnecessary burden on our affiliates and the many volunteers upon which the sport relies.

Providing an RYA safety management system of incident reporting, maintaining a comprehensive log of any incidents.

Identifying trends and lessons learned and sharing information accordingly through relevant RYA channels and RYA Safety Advisory Notices.

Acting as the UK National Governing Body with regard to applying for, and dispersing, public funding to develop participation and performance in the sport. Advising and supporting affiliates with their application to funding bodies and Sports Councils.

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