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Learn to sail with the RYA

Possibly the quickest and easiest way to learn to sail. Small boats are easy to handle and generally light to launch and transport. Learn to sail on your own in a single handed boat or with a crew.

You can potter about exploring your local stretch of water, join a sailing club full of like-minded people, or learn to race.

What is a dinghy?

A small, light boat that you generally rig ashore and launch every time you go sailing. Because of this, dinghies are easily transportable but also prone to capsizing! They are great fun to sail with an immediate response. However, there are some types of boats and also conditions where you will need to be quick and agile to balance the boat. If you don't mind ending up in the water occasionally, dinghies might be just the thing for you.

Dinghy Dinghy

What is a keelboat?

A larger, more stable boat with a fixed keel which stops the boat from capsizing. Keel boats are a step up in size from dinghies, more like a small manageable yacht but generally not as big as a cruising yacht. They can bridge the gap between dinghies and cruisers, offering many benefits of both, to the adult beginner.

Keelboat Keelboat

What is a multihull?

Twin or three hulled dinghies which are fast and fun!

Multihull Multihulls

Adult and youth sailing courses

Our National and Youth Sailing Schemes are a series of two-day courses for anyone wanting to learn in dinghies, small keelboats or multihulls. They are designed to help you enjoy whichever aspect of the sport appeals to you.

Following on from the early courses in both the National Sailing Scheme and the Youth Sailing Scheme, you can choose one of the five advanced modules to suit your sailing interests, eg. Start Racing, Day Sailing, Seamanship Skills, Sailing with Spinnakers and Performance Sailing. These are available to both adults and young people. 

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