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Learn to race

Racing is an exciting and sociable way to develop your sailing. 

From beginners, through to club racers and preparing for higher level competition, there is a course for you.

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Racing courses

Start Racing

The fundamentals of getting off the start line and round the course

Intermediate Racing

Improve you racing technique and knowledge for racing at club level

Advanced Racing

Developing skills in preparation for open meetings and higher competition
Assumed knowledge Sailing and knowledge to at least the standard of the Level 2 course (Stage 3 for under 16s) Some experience of racing at club level

Several seasons experience of racing at club level
Minimum duration 16 hours (or 2 days) 16 hours (or 2 days) 16 hours (or 2 days)
Minimum age None None None
Course content All the skills required to start club racing, including how to maximise boat speed and outwit your opponents A programme that builds on your basic racing skills and helps you improve the key principles of starting, boat handling, boat speed, strategy and tactics

A predominantly practical course working on the key techniques and knowledge to enable you to take part in open meetings and regional competition
Ability after course Able to take part in club racing in good conditions Core racing skills will have improved and improvement in your enjoyment and club results will follow You will have developed your techniques and skills to enable you to confidently take part on higher level competition
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