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Learn to navigate with the RYA

Our navigation and seamanship theory courses are designed to help you unravel the mysteries of navigation, pilotage, passage planning and meteorology. They are great as stand alone courses, but also complement our various practical training courses.

Whether you are a sailor or a motor boater, our shorebased courses equip would-be and experienced skippers with enough knowledge, at least in theory, to go afloat and take charge of a yacht.

Shorebased navigation courses

There are various ways to complete these courses: through evening classes, an intensive course, or by distance learning. Your next logical step is to attend an RYA practical course to put these skills into practice. 

Essential Navigation and Seamanship

Navigation and safety awareness for new, inexperienced or rusty skippers and crew

Day Skipper

A comprehensive introduction to cruising for inexperienced skippers

Coastal Skipper/ Yachtmaster Offshore

Advanced training for more experienced skippers

Yachtmaster Ocean

Unravel the mysteries of astro navigation and ocean passage making
Pre-course experience None Some experience on the water is desirable Day Skipper shorebased Coastal and offshore sailing
Assumed knowledge None None Navigation to Day Skipper shorebased standard Navigation to Coastal Skipper/ Yachtmaster Offshore shorebased standard
Minimum duration 16 hours 40 hours with 2 exam papers 40 hours with 3 exam papers 40 hours with 1 exam paper
Minimum age None None None None
Course content An introduction to navigation and safety Basic seamanship and navigation Offshore and coastal navigation, pilotage, coastal and offshore passages Astro navigation, ocean meteorology
Ability after course Basic knowledge of navigation and safety Background knowledge to skipper a small yacht in familiar waters by day Background knowledge to skipper a yacht on coastal passages by day and night Background knowledge to skipper a yacht on ocean passages

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