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Training Plotter

Install your training chart plotter here and see video tutorials and additional files that can be installed.

Note: This training plotter is for students on RYA shorebased navigation courses. In your student pack you will find the access code that you need to activate the plotter.

 Install plotter

Note for Mac users:

The Mac version of the plotter is currently a pre-release version. This does not affect your ability to install and use it, but does mean there are some small issues (predominently cosmetic) that will be improved soon. Please see the document below for details:   

Installing the plotter on your Mac

Known issues for Mac users

RYA Training Plotter Help

As well as the help available in the link above, you can also watch a series of video tutorials. All videos are available both online and offline by following the links below.

Video tutorials - for viewing online
Watch the videos
Video tutorials - for downloading to view offline
Introduction (31MB) Finding places and information (7MB)
Creating routes (22MB) Using Raster charts (7MB)
Using overlays and folders (7MB) Using the route monitor (12MB) 

Marking up the chart (19MB)

  • Course to steer at 0 mins
  • Fix at 4 mins
  • Estimated position at 6 mins
  • Marking areas and comments at 7 mins 50 secs 
Personalising the display (6MB) 

The 'Simple Demo.csoverlay' file can be imported into your RYA training chart plotter by following the following steps:

  1. Download and save the 'Simple Demo.csoverlay' file. Remember where you have saved this folder and what you have called it.
  2. Open the RYA Training Chart Plotter and open the overlay window by going to the Show menu and clicking 'Overlays' (see help videos above).
  3. Right click on the Overlays folder where you want the file to be imported.
  4. Click 'Import here' and then navigate within the window that opens to the file you saved in step 1.
  5. Select the file and click open or import, depending on your system.

You should now see the imported folder within your plotter labelled 'Simple Demo.csoverlay'. Within this there is the following:

A demo route (labelled '1-Simple Demo Route around Strong Holme Island') and four sub-folders with pre-prepared chart work (labelled with sequential numbers).

These match the 5 simulation files for the route monitor available to download below.

Download 'Simple Demo.csoverlay'  

Simulation files

The simulation files for questions 13a, 13b and 13c of the Yachtmaster Addendum are not yet available. These files will be available once the next version of the training chart plotter is released. 

To complete questions 13a, 13b and 13c please use the following videos which show the simulations being played out on the new chart plotter.




Yachtmaster Shorebased Addendum overlay files
Northern Hemisphere Route Beaker Bay to Victoria.csoverlay
Download here
Southern Hamisphere Route Beaker Bay to Victoria.csoverlay
Download here
Simulation files
Please see the 'Using the route monitor' video tutorial before downloading these simulations:
Simple route around Strongholm
Course to steer - 5 knots
Steer to waypoint not allowing for tide
Course to steer - composite steering direct to waypoint
Course to steer - 6 knots

If you are a training centre, click here to access additional content. If your centre's web account is not yet activated, please email for details on how to do this.

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