RYA training conference - be inspired!

Thank you for attending as on Online delegate for the 2023 RYA Training Conference Supported by Gallagher

During the initial live broadcasts, you will be able to use the live chat feature in Youtube, to ask questions and interact with the live session. The UKHO will be using a facility called Slido, for their Q & A and they will cover how this works, during their presentation.

Welcome for all delegates


Cruising Schemes Chief Instructor, Vaughan Marsh, welcomes all delegates to the 2023 Training Conference, supported by Gallagher. While this sessions content is mainly for those attending in person, for online delegates, it will give you a chance to see how the day runs and what’s on offer.

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An overview of UKHO’s paper to digital transition 

0930 - 1030

Learn how the UKHO’s strategy to withdraw from paper chart production is centred around reducing and eventually removing their paper chart portfolio, in line with market trends and viability, as well as the strategic priorities of the organisation. This presentation, from Jason Scholey, form’s part of the consultation with customers and the MCA around the phasing and transitionary period for the changes.

We have set up a dedicated email address for instructors to provide feedback or ideas as we roll out updates to the RYA training schemes. We cannot answer all emails but welcome all feedback, enavigation@rya.org.uk.

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Gallagher Insurance


RYA Account Manager Ben provides a pre-recorded message about how Gallagher can help your centre or club with their insurance needs.

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Sara Sutcliffe - An introduction to our new CEO and her vision for the future of the RYA

1330 -1400

One year on from joining the RYA as CEO, join Sara as she discusses the new strategy and future of the RYA.

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Creating a welcoming learning environment

1410 -1510

As instructors we set the tone for our courses. With increasingly diverse students and significant changes in society’s expectations around behaviour and language it is important we strive to create a supporting environment for all. Katie Loucaides and Isabelle Hamlett will share how we can manage a welcoming environment for all.

During their presentation which you can find here, Katie and Issy will be using the 4D’s hand out and these examples of banter. They will also be using Slido for interaction, details for this can be found in the presentation.

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The future is Electric – How do we get there?

1540 - 1640

Phil Horton, the RYA Environment and Sustainability Manager will look at the latest developments in the electrification of recreational boats, and what further data, technology advanced, and behaviour change we need to fully decarbonise.

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Richard Falk – RYA Director of Training & Qualifications annual update & Q&A

1640 - 1730

To finish off the day, Director of Training Richard Falk, provide the annual update for training and qualifications and a general overview of the RYA Training department.

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All sessions can be viewed in the training conference playlist

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Q: Do I need any special software or equipment to attend the Conference? 

A: You don’t need to install any software to attend the Conference, you’ll be able to access the videos via your web browser or Youtube app on a mobile device. You don’t need a webcam and microphone.

Q: Why can’t I find the videos if I search the RYA Youtube page?

A: As the content is for delegates only, the video links are hidden from the public. You will only be able to access the videos via the links above.

Q: How long will on demand content be available for after the event? 

A: Conference content will be available on the links above if you wish to rewatch any of the content.

Q: Can I talk to other attendees?

A: There is no dedicated area to chat, but you’re welcome to use the chat facility during the sessions. Please be aware that anyone viewing the video will be able to view the chat stream.

Q: Can I talk to exhibitors?

A: For the 2023 event, exhibitors will only have a presence at the physical event.

Q: What if I have a question about the Conference event itself?

A: If you have any questions about the event then please contact training.conference@rya.org.uk