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Yacht Sailing

There are few pastimes that afford the freedom and opportunities that yacht sailing can provide. Whether you’re relaxing on a family day trip or cruising off for a week, month or year; yacht sailing offers a worldwide playground for you to explore.

Get Afloat - Yacht Sailing



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If you love being outdoors and want to learn a mentally challenging outdoor sport, with or without the family, then there’s no reason you can’t take up this exciting pastime. The peace and tranquillity of having the wind and water as your master is a unique feeling and can make life seem suddenly simple.

Every experience offers a new adventure and you’ll soon discover there’s new friends to meet in every port.

Having a go

There are plenty of opportunities to get out on the water and have your first experience. The great thing is you can choose to be as hands-on as you want to be!

Try Yachting Experiences

Many companies offer first-time yachting experiences where you can enjoy yacht sailing in a safe and comfortable environment. In less than a day you can discover how the boat works, learn some of the sailing jargon and maybe even have a go at the helm. You’ll certainly feel like you're part of the crew.

Yacht Sailing Clubs & Associations

If you're just starting out, or don't want the burden of ownership then joining a club or association who have yachts available for club members is a great option. There are several such yachting associations in the UK and these offer a great chance to get out on the water with other experienced club members and help crew a cruise or race. Some associations own their own boats, others arrange charters to get people afloat. Try searching for 'association' in Where's My Nearest to find one near to you.

Yacht Sailing Holidays

If you want to guarantee some sunshine, you might like the idea of a yachting holiday abroad. There are plenty of opportunities for complete novices whether it’s a sailing trip with your own skipper on-board or joining a flotilla holiday suitable for beginners and families of all ages.

Yacht Sailing Courses & Training

The more confident you get the more you can explore, therefore taking an RYA course is great place to start. RYA Start Yachting and Competent Crew courses are taught by qualified instructors at RYA accredited centres and are perfect for getting to grip with the basics. You can take a course alone, or with your partner or family (if your children aren't too young). Visit UK Sail Training if you’re looking for opportunities for young people to go on their own.

Sailing with a Disability

Yachting is an activity without any barriers. If you have a disability, RYA Sailability can help you get on the water and can point you to organisations that offer sea sailing.

Does it cost a lot?

Yachting does not need to be expensive. Although lots of sailors do own their own boats, there are many people that don’t because those who do are often looking for crew.

Yacht clubs are a great place to find people who may welcome an extra pair of hands on board their boat, and some also have online crew lists. It’s easy to find a club near you.

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Small Boat Sailing

Small boats come is a range of sizes and shapes to suit every budget (from dinghies and catamarans to keelboats). They can be sailed by people of every age and ability and are a really fun social way to get afloat for the day.

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