Find out more on the position on VAT following the end of the Brexit transition period.

Buying and Selling
Bill of Sale

Template Bills of Sale for use of our members.

Buying New

Advice in relation to buying a new boat.

Buying Boats Abroad

General advice relating to the buying of a boat abroad from a private seller (not a yacht broker).

Buying and Selling Privately

A complete package of information and templates relating to the different aspects of buying and selling a second-hand boat.

Buying through a Broker

Guidance on buying or selling through a broker and examining their role.

Buying with a Syndicate

Advice on buying with a syndicate and template documents you may wish to use

Changing the Name of Your Boat

Guidance on changing the name of your boat.

Company Insolvency

General advice on the different types of action that a company can take and that can be taken against a company when it finds itself in financial difficulty and provide some guidance on creditors’ claims.

Consumer Protection

An overview of the consumer law that is likely to be applicable in the event of a dispute.

Inheriting a Boat and Passing Title

Practical guidance for members when dealing with a boat that has been left to them or to their vendor by way of inheritance

Recreation Craft Regulations

Advice on establishing whether a boat or personal watercraft is RCR compliant.


Information on the different types of survey available, contact details for members' organisations offering surveys and the steps to take if you have received a negligent survey.

Value Added Tax

Advice on the position of VAT for boats.


Find out more on the impact Brexit has on the Recreational Craft Regulations.

Boat Ownership
Anchoring and Visitors Moorings

General guidance on visitors’ moorings and anchoring within UK territorial waters.

Boat Insurance

The principles of boat insurance and guidance on making a claim.

Boat Registration

Guidance on registering a boat on the UK Ships Register and Jersey Ships Register.

Carriage and Storage of Petrol

Guidance on the regulations governing the carriage and storage of diesel and petrol in the UK.

Carrying Knives

This area of the site aims to provide clear guidance on the carrying of sailing knives by sailors.

Chartering your Boat

Guidance on chartering your boat privately.

Home Build Boats

Providing guidance on home built boats and the position of VAT and the Recreational Craft Regulations

Liability to Others

An overview of the general principles that apply regarding a boat user's liability towards other people and their boats.

Liens and Arrests

Guidance on what is meant by the term lien and clarification on the circumstances in which this type of charge may arise.

Salvage and Towage

Clarification on the principles that apply to a salvage/towage claim.

Stolen Boats

Steps to take if your boat or any of its equipment is stolen.


Guidance on road vehicle law affecting members towing boats, or roof racking dinghies, masts or other boat equipment.


Guidance on chartering a boat

More Useful Information
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Guidance on the procedures for births, deaths and marriages at sea.

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Advice on preventing illegal immigration

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