Boat Registration

The aim of this part of the site is to provide our members with information regarding boat registration in the UK.

Our Guidance Note on Boat Registration in the UK explains why and when you need to register your boat and the differences between the Part I Register and the Part III Register (commonly known as the Small Ships Register (SSR)).  This should enable you to decide which register is the right one for you to put your boat on.

Before a boat goes abroad it needs to be registered, this applies to all boats; there is no minimum size exemption.

If you want to register your boat on the UK Ships Register please visit their website then follow the link for online registration or follow the instructions for an application by post.

To register on Part I of the Register you will need to have a tonnage and measurement survey done. The RYA Technical Department can do these for you. For information on the fees, please contact the Technical Department on 02380 604 203/4.

The contact details for the UK Ship Register (RSS) are Tel no. 02920 448800 website address 

If, after having read through this information, you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Legal Team on 023 8060 4223. Email:

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