Salvage and Towage

The aim of this part of the site is to clarify the principles that may apply to a salvage/towage claim.

If a member has been involved in an accident, or grounded their boat, and is concerned that a salvage/towage claim may be made against them then they should read on.

The document entitled Salvage, Towing & Loss of Property at Sea covers what is meant by salvage, the underlying principles governing a salvage claim, the salvage of life, towage services, a tug owners responsibilities, salvage and the public services, salvage awards and how they are calculated, maritime liens, salvage agreements and the basic points that they should cover, and what may happen to a salvage reward if the salvor damages the boat.

The second document is a simple form of salvage agreement. A salvage agreement involves the salvor bargaining for a reward beforehand. The advantage to our members, of having a salvage agreement onboard, is that it avoids the situation of the skipper trying to work out an agreement, which will almost certainly be verbal, in gale force winds, and with his boat sinking under him!

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