Enjoying your Personal Watercraft & Jet-Ski

Riding a Personal Watercraft (PWC) is a great way of getting out on the water. Doing it safely and responsibly makes it much more fun for everyone afloat.

Riding responsibly

The RYA, RNLI and Personal Watercraft Partnership (PWP) are working collaboratively on a new series of videos aimed at helping PWC users to get the most out of their time afloat. Below are the first videos in the series:


The RYA has also been working with the PWP to improve welcome signage at launch sites. The graphics are available for free to harbour authorities, and launch sites around the UK. The signs welcome PWC users to the area whilst also providing a reminder for safe and considerate riding.

To order a copy of the new signage or for additional resources, please visit the PWP website.

Riding around wildlife

The Green Blue, the RYA and British Marine's environmental programme, have also been working with the PWP to encourage PWC users to adopt and follow environmental best practice to help minimise any impact our sport may have on the environment. Together they have developed posters and flyers to raise awareness of how to ride safely around wildlife.

The Green Blue's top tips include: keeping a distance of 100m when viewing wildlife, avoiding erratic movements and not following wildlife when it chooses to leave.

You can learn more about boating around wildlife by visiting The Green Blue website.

Get trained

Although training is not compulsory, the RYA's Personal Watercraft Proficiency Course is strongly recommended and will teach you the skills you need to ride a PWC responsibly, safely and with confidence.

The affordable one-day course teaches you how to ride a PWC safely and responsibly. You'll also cover the basic skills of navigation and rules of the road, which include knowing what buoyage signifies and how to avoid collisions on the water.

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