Nuno Navigator

RYA Members can now receive specially negotiated discounts off Nuno Navigator - a charting, planning and route monitoring package based around fast, clear, precise, professional grade charts. Nuno Navigator is the perfect plotter for navigating yachts with all the benefits and convenience of electronic navigation.

The team behind the Nuno Navigator work hard to make it easy: just plug the GPS in and the sophisticated auto-detect mechanism will find and configure it - all you need to do is watch. Nuno Navigator includes a complete set of UK coastal charts (with extra charts available to buy online); route planning, points, lines' areas' annotations; route monitoring and vessel tracking; AIS display and is fully touch screen enabled.

Pathway/Personal/Associate Members - 15% off Nuno Navigator
Gold Members - 15% off Nuno Navigator
Accredited Members - special offers and products

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