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Book your next P&O Cruises holiday and as an RYA member you will receive up to £200 on board spending money per cabin, perfect for those added extras such as a treatment in the spa, some bubbles for a special occasion or a shore excursion for an unforgettable experience. Sweeping sea views and tantalising glimpses of coastline. The rhythmic sound of the waves against the bow. The liberating feeling of leaving the everyday behind and the wonder of making your way to exciting new places whilst surrounded by everything you could possibly want, from inviting pools to stylish bars and restaurants. Welcome to P&O Cruises; a holiday which offers a fabulous blend of discovery, indulgence and relaxation.

Visiting over 230 destinations around the globe, the P&O Cruises fleet brings you travel at its most effortless. Will you choose the towering cliff faces, cascading waterfalls and scenic splendor of the Norwegian Fjords, or will you opt for the lunar landscapes and volcanic beaches of the Canaries or perhaps the Mediterranean's epic sunrises, sunsets and sizzling cuisine. So what are you waiting for? Why not join P&O Cruises to make your next holiday one to remember.










2-6 £20 £30 £40
7-13 £40 £60 £80
14-21 £100 £130 £150
22+ £150 £180 £200

 On-Board spending money amount per cabin bsed on 2 people - Select Price only.

What is on-board spending money?

Unsure what on-board spending money is? It’s the ideal booking perk. Credited to your on-board account, you can spend it as you please during your cruise. Perfect for a cosy meal for two, an eye-opening excursion or a few deliciously indulgent hours in the spa. So, how will you choose to push the boat out?

What's included in the price of your holiday:

  • Full board
  • Gym and pools
  • Dance classes
  • Children's clubs
  • Spectacular entertainment
  • Flights and transfers
  • Shuttle busses in port
  • No tips required

All Members - Up to £200 on-board spending money

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