Theyr Precision Weather Forecasts

The RYA has teamed up with Theyr (precision weather forecasts) to offer RYA members the FREE GRIBview mobile app, and then save 20% on Standard or Premium (high-precision data) subscription plans. A single subscription provides access to all Theyr apps; mobile, web and desktop software.

GRIBview by Theyr is a digital precision weather and ocean-forecasting app for maritime professionals, delivering high-definition weather and ocean forecasting technology for mobile devices. Theyr provides data to many of the world's best known maritime organisations, companies and brands.

GRIBview mobile provides free and unlimited GRIB downloads of GFS data at one-degree resolution, and high-resolution data down to one kilometre resolution via the Premium subscription plan.

Why subscribe?

  • Precise voyage planning
  • Safety at sea
  • Racing advantage
  • High-resolution data
  • Offline functionality

All Members - 20% off a standard or premium subscription to Theyr; Digital Precision Weather

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