RYA members can now go boating in style with 20% off Classic SACQUA loading bags and SAQCUA waterproof handbags.

A must have for all boat owners and sailors, SACQUA loading bag is a lightweight, foldable, voluminous, space-saving, storage and loading solution, perfect for all sea sports and any vessel.

This stylish loading bag folds flat to A3 and holds 20kg/70L, clips to your boat, has a velcro seal and is water resistant. Ideal for regattas, perfect for storing kit, gear, boat parts and much more.

The beautiful waterproof handbags are delightfully boat-shaped with a roll-top waterproof seal, handles and a shoulder strap.

Stylishly chic in four eye-catching colours, fashionistas & hardcore sailors will find their ideal companion among this line’s selection of on-trend colours: classic black for undisputed elegance, royal blue for nautical style, ice white for a touch of luxury and cherry red for a splash of vibrancy.

All Members - Save 20% on the SACQUA loading bag
All Members - Save 20% on SACQUA waterproof handbags