Lefkas Marina

Lefkas is the fourth largest of the Ionian Islands and is primarily famous for the extraordinary beauty of its beaches. The geographical position of Lefkas is considered to be its great advantage. A bridge only 50 meters long links the island to the main land, facilitating immediate approach to the airport of Aktio and other destinations. Lefkas Marina is situated on the eastern side of the island, embraced by the prefecture’s capital town, bearing the same name, and right next to the main harbor being a distinct town within the main town.

The marina has been operating since 2002 having mooring places for 620 boats up to 45 meters long. Surrounding the marina, you will encounter a great number of different facilities and services, such as; rental of boats, cars and motorbikes, a surgery, Port Police office, a launderette, and a shopping center with a variety of shops including restaurants, a supermarket, and cafés providing the opportunity to do your shopping or enjoy a meal and a drink with a wonderful view of the boats and the beautiful town of Lefkas. In the marina you will also find a hotel and a conference center.   The marina offers a full range of technical boat services. There are dry dock facilities for about 278 boats, with two 150 and 70-ton travelifts and a 60-ton mobile crane. There are also spacious facilities for the laying-up of boats in a covered shelter.

The marina operates all year round and is guarded on a 24-hour basis by a private security company.

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