Founded in 2008, GlobeSailor is a European leader in the online yacht charter industry. They believe in responsible boat rentals, which is why they solely work with certified renters.

With a network of 900 professionals, over 13,000 boats available in 180 destinations worldwide, GlobeSailor have boats to satisfy the needs of every sailor. Their internationally diverse team, which makes up the 7 different markets, is passionate about sailing and the nautical world. Thanks to their personalised service and advice from sailing experts, they will work with you to find the cruise that best suits you, whether it be on a sailboat, catamaran, gulet or motor yacht, bareboat, crewed or cabin cruises.

With GlobeSailor, sailors may benefit from the first concierge service available onboard. With this new service, boaters can now get help with all the different processes involved in organizing their trip, both on land and at sea. This includes finding quality service providers which can be difficult especially if doing so from abroad.

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