Team GB Live

As Team GB’s official travel company, Team GB Live provide exclusive travel packages to RYA members who want to experience the world’s greatest sporting event. 

The Olympic Games are about cultural, historical, sporting achievements that help define generations. A celebration of endurance, stamina, speed, adversity and commitment and Team GB Live want to take you to the heart of this unique event at Tokyo 2020, in 2021. 

Fan support is vital to Team GB and the athletes. The sea of flags, the unrivalled support and patriotism really does make the difference for athletes who are aiming for the golden moment in their careers. 

Team GB Live has been created to ensure travelling fans have the best possible access to events at Tokyo 2020, fantastic benefits and of course the very best travel packages. Bringing expert travel and industry knowledge to the world’s greatest sporting event, Team GB Live pride themselves on a high level of service and attention to detail, taking the hassle out of making all the arrangements yourself.

Team GB Live experts understand what it takes to create a memorable experience – a gold medal journey for every travelling fan.

All Members - Exclusive packages for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, in 2021.