Cruising Conference

In light of the latest information, recommendations and newsfrom the Scottish Government, we have taken the difficult decision to cancelthe RYA Scotland Cruising Conference due to take place on Saturday 21stMarch. 

While the advice and guidance does not preclude our eventgoing ahead, we feel we have a responsibility to take cognisance of the swiftlychanging situation and make an early decision which gives clarity to theattendees and the organisations and individuals who were kindly supporting theevent. It is our intention to revisit the options for a CruisingConference around the same time in 2021 and I hope you will be able to join usthen.

In the mean time we will explore how we might support thecruising community through online distribution of information in the form ofshort webinars, video and through our regular email newsletters and I wouldencourage you to look out for these. We are deeply disappointed that we will not be going aheadbut believe this is the right thing to do in the interests of everyone’swellbeing.