RYA Northern Ireland’s Youth Forum join together for virtual session

12 Aug 20

The Forum, which is a pilot project, began after a period ofconsultation in 2019 and is first of its kind within RYA.  Clubs across NorthernIreland are represented on the Forum and its main aim is to develop leadershipand personal development in young people. 

The group were due to take part in a residential trip this weekbut due to Covid-19 restrictions, this has been postponed. However, they wereable to meet virtually. 

RYA Northern Ireland Chair Jackie Patton comments: “It iswonderful when young people find a way to come together, create a project anddevelop it. Our young people have endured a lot over the last few months andthis was a positive way to reconnect and contribute to their much loved sport. 

“Congratulations to Cody Halliday on winning the quiz and I wouldlike to extend my thanks to Kaitlyn Eadie and Charlie O’Malley for their helpin organizing it. 

“We are confident that participants of the Forum will become moreengaged within their Club settings, becoming Ambassadors for their sport, butalso acquire skills for life.”