Sustainability Action Plan Launched

RYA Scotland makes a #PlanetaryPromise and launches a Sustainability Action Plan

As part of the National Lottery Environmental Campaign #PlanetaryPromise RYA Scotland wish to highlight our commitment to the environment with the launch of our Sustainability Statement and Action Plan in line with the overall Vision for a Sustainable Recreational Boating Sector in the UK.

Like the RYA, RYA Scotland recognises that the protection of the environment is an integral part of our business. We believe that environmental damage is avoidable and will do everything we reasonably can to prevent it, thereby helping to ensure that our members can continue to enjoy the experience of boating in a clean environment.

RYA Scotland endorses the RYA Sustainability Strategy, which was launched in July 2020 and the associated RYA Environmental Policy Statement. The Strategy seeks to address key international concerns about the environment, along with wider sustainability issues. Not all aspects of the RYA Strategy are directly applicable to RYA Scotland as most environmental legislation is devolved. Nevertheless, the principles apply throughout the UK and is used to set our actions and targets.

The objectives in the RYA Sustainability Strategy are consistent with Scotland’s Goals for Sustainable Development and with the commitments made in the Second Strategic Framework for Scotland’s Marine Tourism Sector, Giant Strides, with which RYA Scotland was closely involved. We welcome the work that has already been carried out in association with British Marine in the Green Blue environmental awareness programme.

The RYA Scotland Sustainability Action Plan develops the RYA Strategy for our operations, taking advantage of existing links with other Scottish bodies in producing a series of actions and targets that reflect the situation in Scotland and enabling progress to be made in achieving the wider objectives listed in the RYA document.

The 25 point Action Plan indicates a number of short terms actions including an aim to make all RYA Scotland events are plastic free by the end of this year and building on the experience of Covid-19 to utilise online meetings whenever appropriate to reduce emissions associated with travel. The plan sets out further actions to be taken over the next few years as RYA Scotland sets a Pathway to Zero in working alongside the RYA towards a sustainable boating sector.

James Allan CEO of RYA Scotland commented. “It is exciting to be putting down in writing much of what the organisation has always been committed to and preparing an Action Plan for RYA Scotland. Our organisation has always been a leading exponent of protecting our environment and particularly the inland and coastal waters of Scotland. Putting our commitments into writing is a tangible demonstration of this and we hope will encourage others to do likewise.”

Find out more about what you can do to reduce your impact on the environment while afloat and visit The Green Blue website for more details on practical actions related to boating.