Confidence tops the list of benefits for children spending time on the water

Key findings from RYA Parent, Guardian and Carer Survey revealed.
27 Jan 23
A man and a boy are sailing in a dinghy on a bright sunny day.

Initial findings from the annual RYA Parent, Guardian and Carer Survey show that parents with children taking part in boating or sailing believe them to benefit from increased levels of confidence, team building, and leadership skills, thanks to their time on the water. 

Each year the RYA asks parents of children taking part in boating or sailing to have their say on a range of topics in the RYA Parent, Guardian and Carer Survey. By completing the short survey, participants provided the RYA with valuable insight into how we can provide further help and support to both parents and children, ensuring safe and fun experiences for all.

Thank you to all the parents, guardians and carers of children who participated in the survey and shared their experiences. We received over 270 completed surveys, capturing informative data which will influence the RYA’s ongoing organisational delivery of the safeguarding agenda.

Key findings from the survey include: 

  • 85% of respondents were ‘Very Confident’ that their club or class association would know how to respond to safeguarding concerns.
  • 68% of respondents were aware of who their Welfare Officer was and how to contact them
  • 61% of respondents felt that their child would know who to talk to besides themselves if they were worried. 
  • 62.5% said that their child had never had any negative experiences in the sport. 
  • 29% of respondents stated that they had witnessed parents, guardians or carers behaving in a way which in their opinion had had a negative impact on the child’s enjoyment of the sport.
  • When asked for three words to describe the benefits that the respondents felt children received from sailing and boating, the most frequently mentioned benefits included: Confidence, team building, knowledge, leadership, well-being, community and new skills.

The RYA will be producing a full report on the data obtained, containing the actions that the RYA will be taking to implement the findings into the safeguarding support on offer. Once finalised, the report will then be made available on request.  

If you are a parent of a child taking part in sport and would like further information on how you can positively support your child, please visit the NSPCC’s Positive Sport Parents page on the NSPCC website

If you would like to contact a member of the Safeguarding team, you can find the contact details of your local RYA Safeguarding lead by visiting the RYA Safeguarding hub. If you have a question relating to the results of the RYA Parent, Guardian and Carer Survey, you can email the Safeguarding team: