Topper Tips for tacking and gybing

Top tips

Check out these great Topper top tips from Paralympic Gold Medallist Helena Lucas on how to execute the perfect tack and gybe…


In summary

Tacking four-part process:

  • Preparation
    1. Flatten boat
    2. Prepare back foot
  • Entry
    1. Squeeze in mainsheet
    2. Steer in to tack
  • Middle
    1. Lead with tiller extension hand
    2. Ease mainsheet
  • Exit
    1. Return to new hiking position
    2. Squeeze in mainsheet to new close hauled setting


In summary

Like tacking, gybing is a four part process:

  • Preparation
    1. Position feet
    2. Pull in a handful of mainsheet
  • Entry
    1. Induce windward heel
    2. Steer the boat into the gybe
  • Middle
    1. Watch the rig
    2. Straighten rudder
    3. Move body to maintain balance
  • Exit
    1. Switch hands
    2. Steer on course

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