People's Postcode Trust funds new boat for Rye Harbour Sailability

17 Oct 20

Caroline Wylson, Chair of Rye Harbour Sailability, reports:

On 30 September the brand new Drascombe Lugger was delivered by the builders Churchouse Boats. We were unsure if we would be able to get a shakedown sail in to test the boat before the weather really deteriorated, but on 3 October true to forecast the clouds parted, and with the sun shining and a light breeze from the south west, Sailability volunteers, Daniel Tomkinson, Mike Bone, George Parkin and David Tomkinson set about rigging.

The Sailability rescue boat, helmed by Coxswain, David Tomkinson and crewed by Caroline Wylson, acted as safety boat for the sail. Everyone was pleased with the performance of the new boat and we look forward to more shakedown sails before the start of the next sailing season.

A massive thank you goes to People’s Postcode Trust who have supported Rye Harbour Sailability with an outstanding award of £19,617 which has funded the project. The number of sailors has increased steadily since our launch in August 2017 and with only one boat our sailors have had to wait sometimes for over an hour for a sail. The second boat enables us to take more sailors out on the water and reduce waiting times. A huge thank you to everyone who plays the People’s Postcode Lottery from the Rye Harbour Sailability family.

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