A new inclusive endorsement announced

Striking a balance between aspiring RYA Instructors inclusivity and safety.
29 Nov 23
Female Instructor

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is dedicated to promoting equal opportunities for all to pursue their ambitions, regardless of disability or long-term medical conditions. This commitment extends to the roles of instructors and racing coaches. 

While safety remains a top priority, the RYA recognises the need to strike a balance between inclusivity and maintaining safety measures during training afloat.

We are delighted to introduce a new endorsement, accompanied by a supporting statement, to support those who have a disability or long-term medical condition become an instructor or racing coach.

Who would need a supporting statement? 

There are specific instances that may lead to the consideration of an RYA Instructor qualification requiring a supporting statement. These include instances where an instructor candidate is assessed as capable of performing most of the syllabus unaided, but do require support for certain aspects due to a disability, impairment, or long-term medical condition. 

What does having a supporting statement mean for me? 

If you think that a supporting statement might apply to you, the statement acknowledges the teaching abilities of candidates who may require additional support to deliver RYA training safely. It will clearly outline the reasonable adjustments necessary for you to fulfil your role. This will be marked on your instructor certificate, like other RYA Instructor endorsements, such as keelboat, racing, or multihull. 

How will this help my employment at an RYA training centre? 

The statement ensures that both the candidate and the RYA training centre are aware of the specific support requirements. The RYA believes this approach is a fair and an effective means of ensuring student safety, upholding competency standards, and enabling instructors to reach their full potential.

How is my individual supporting statement developed?

It will consider various factors such as your competence in retrieving participants from the water, ability to communicate effectively in all on-water conditions and maintaining effective supervision of students. It will also take into consideration personal circumstances and assesses you on your individual merit. This will be developed through consultation between the RYA Trainers involved in your training, and with the RYA Training department.  

What if my disability is quite complex? 

Input from medical professionals may also be sought to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your abilities and support needs. The statement is then discussed with the recognised training centre to ensure proper support and understanding of the candidate's abilities.

The scope of the endorsement and restrictions on the instructor qualification are detailed by the RYA Training department 

I think that this will apply to me. I am planning on attending an upcoming RYA Instructor course, how do I get more information? 

To discuss your individual circumstances please speak to the recognised training centre that you are intending to book with.