Meet the inspiring duo working to see the Scottish windsurfing community BooM

BooM Windsurfing has been on a mission to grow participation and increase opportunity for the last two years
28 Mar 24
BooM Windsurfing Impact Award at Seacliff beach

Our RYA Scotland Impact Awards are designed to recognise exceptional commitment and impact within the Scottish sailing community.

Exceptional commitment are certainly are two words which come to mind describing Nick Jupp and Paul Dunn – the two halves of BooM Windsurfing.

Managing the project between their full time jobs, their simple aim is to grow the sport by getting more people out on the water.

To hear more about how they're making that happen - you can watch the full Impact Award video over on our YouTube now.

BooM windsurfing content in support of Impact Award

With efforts paying off, the strength of the BooM Windsurfing community is clear to see. With consistent sessions despite the typical Scottish weather, even throughout the colder months – the passion Nick and Paul possess is reflected in those around them.

Describing the venture, Paul said:

“BooM is a passion brand – hobby brand, with the number one goal of promoting windsurfing.”

“We want to reflect our passion by encouraging others and supporting events.

“Through our social media people can contact us, say – how do I get into this? And we can help them that way.”

With a focus now on getting and retaining young people within the sport, BooM have also been actively involved with several University teams, and have supported several events such as the annual Tiree Wave Classic competition up North.

Motivated by those around them, Nick and Paul regularly upload to social media sharing tips, tricks, and even kit reviews of use to those who share their interests.

BooM windsurfing content in support of Impact Award

You can keep up to date with BooM via their social media.

In addition to their public content on Facebook and YouTube– the BooM team are also dedicated to bringing their community for a surf, putting out dates and times on WhatsApp and coordinating from there.

From speaking to their comrades at a recent surf session – it’s clear their actions are hugely valued. Windsurfer Gianni said:

"BooM has actually increased the desire to go out. For example, in not the best of weather, maybe during the winter people are maybe not too keen to get out, but there's a big group of people now that come out in conditions like this."

BooM windsurfing content in support of Impact Award

Reflecting on the award itself, Paul said:

“To be nominated by other windsurfers for what we’re doing is great – it’s good recognition.

If we can encourage one person to get into the sport – that’s great. I’m really proud of this and hopefully we can use the platform to keep bringing people into the sport. ”

Echoing the sentiment, Nick said:

“To be voted for by people we know, people around us, that’s the really nice thing.

We didn’t expect it at all, it’ll encourage us to do more!”

BooM windsurfing content in support of Impact Award

Sound like fun? Make sure to keep up with BooM online – and contact them if you’d like to get involved.

Similarly, if you fancy giving windsurfing a try, why not use our RYA Activity Finder to see what courses are running near you.

And, if you’ve been inspired by today’s story – you can watch more of our RYA Impact Awards over on YouTube.

Know someone you think deserves one? Nominations are open now.