Championing Clean Sailing!

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is proudly backing UK Anti-Doping's Clean Sport Week, promoting fair competition and anti-doping awareness in sailing.
22 May 23
29er fleet racing

Maintaining Clean Sport's integrity ensures a level playing field for all athletes, including recreational sailors bound by anti-doping rules. Clean Sport Week, taking place from 22 to 26 May, focuses on the theme of "Teamwork in Clean Sport." 

Nick Scott, RYA Director of Racing, said: “Good sportsmanship and fair competition are the very backbone of our sport. From racing around the cans at your local club to competing on the world stage at the Olympics, one thing that unites us all is an expectation of fair sailing and healthy competition. 

"Every sailor, coach and volunteer plays an important role in upholding the values of our sport, and through Clean Sport Week it gives us a chance to reconnect with that and join the rest of sporting world in standing up for this. As the sailing legend Paul Elvstrom once said, "You haven't won the race, if in winning the race you have lost the respect of your competitors”. 

Exciting events and expert insights during Clean Sport Week

Clean Sport Week will be offering an line-up of events and expert insights. UKAD will release the results of their annual public perception survey on doping in sport on 22 May, accompanied by a free Clean Sport Week webinar hosted by Olympic canoeist Helen Reeves and featuring a distinguished panel. UKAD's social media channels will also provide valuable content throughout the week, including athletes' responsibilities and experiences with anti-doping.

Empowering sailors with essential information on Clean Sport

The RYA provides details on how we are keeping sailing clean at Sailing Anti-Doping Rules. Information on banned substances, medication checks, exemptions, and supplements can be found at the UK Anti-Doping website, Additionally, the Clean Sport Hub, developed by UKAD, offers educational materials, videos, resources, and case studies tailored for the sailing community, empowering sailors to make informed decisions and uphold fair play and integrity.

Follow @ukantidoping on social media during #CleanSportWeek (22-26 May) for top tips from athletes, discussions on key anti-doping topics, and insights into the importance of teamwork for fair play. #CleanSport #TeamworkInCleanSport. Together, athletes, coaches, and support personnel play a vital role in ensuring fair and clean sports, demonstrating their commitment to teamwork and integrity.