Emsworth Sailing Club joins the fight for Sustainability

13 Mar 20

Emsworth Sailing Club (ESC) have announced their new and exciting plans to help combat environmental threats to Chichester Harbour by launching their first ‘Sustainability Strategy’.

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) affiliated sailing club, feel that they have recognised the growing environmental and social need to take action to protect the environment for the benefit of generations to come.

Chichester Harbour is a very popular attraction in the area and has to balance the impact of its many different users. The environmental issues faced by Chichester Harbour are similar to those that are faced by many of our coastal harbours across the Country such as noise pollution, littering and chemical spills.

Actions contained in ESC’s ‘Sustainability Strategy’ have been focused under three themes: ‘Governance and Operations’, ‘An Environmentally Friendly Club’ and ‘Creating Positive Change and Engaging with our Club Community.’ Some of the planned changes include, fitting flow restrictors on taps, fitting automatic motion sensors to lights and avoiding the use of non-biodegradable and toxic materials.

Throughout their environmental journey, ESC received advice and guidance provided from both The Green Blue and the anti-plastic campaigning group, The Final Straw Solent. The two organisations were able to supply the Club with product elimination lists, educational resources and operational guidance.

Photo: Left-Right Jane Mellor (ESC Vice Commodore), Kate Fortnam (The Green Blue), Peggy Field (ESC Sustainability Coordinator), Jane Scott (ESC Commodore), Debbie Purdy (House Committee Member), Bianca Carr (The Final Straw Solent)

ESC’s Commodore, Jane Scott commented: “Our Club is now in its 101st year. We have a proud heritage of sailing and water sports but we recognise if we want to continue, we need to act now to protect the environment upon which our club, and the sports we love, depend.”

The club celebrated the launch of their new plans last weekend by holding a plastic-free fair where local businesses showcased their plastic alternative innovations. This was followed by a local beach clean, which involved club members, The Green Blue and The Final Straw Solent. Members from neighbouring sailing clubs also joined the beach clean and it is hoped that other water sport centres and sailing clubs will soon begin their own sustainability plans.

Kate Fortnam, Campaign Manager from The Green Blue spoke about the importance of community groups taking action to support sustainability at the launch event: “We are delighted that Emsworth Sailing Club have launched a sustainability strategy and are taking action to help protect the local environment they enjoy boating in. They are role models for the wider boating community and we hope that more clubs across the UK will be inspired to develop their own environmental action plans with support from The Green Blue.”

Could your sailing club increase its sustainability? If your club would like further information on how to become more environmentally aware then visit thegreenblue.org.uk or contact kate.fortnam@rya.org.uk