Hammersmith Bridge Closure Update

08 Sep 20

Hammersmith Bridge is closed to pedestrians and cyclists as well as to river traffic as it is unsafe for people to be underneath it. On 13 August 2020, specialist engineers concluded that the fractures they had been continuously monitoring in critical parts of the 19th Century suspension bridge structure had become a serious threat to public safety. The fractures had significantly increased in size due to the recent heatwave, despite the range of measures they had taken to halt that from happening.

The Council’s engineering consultants have highlighted any passage under or over the bridge is unsafe as the bridge is in a vulnerable condition for navigational channels as well as highway use.

The navigational channels on either side of the bridge could be closed for at least 6 weeks. We are making every effort to find a solution to stabilise the bridge as quickly as possible.

One-off passage

We are also in discussions with Port of London Authority (PLA) and our consultants to establish if a one-off passage under the bridge is possible. If a safe passage can be accommodated, PLA will be policing any such passage using the traffic control team. Currently we are in discussion with PLA and our consultants developing a procedure for a controlled safe one-off passage under the bridge. Please note in view of the condition of the bridge, the one-off passage can be aborted just before transition under the bridge takes place as we are relying on data from monitoring equipment and if the sensors are triggered on the day of passage the operation will be aborted.


If you are the owner of a vessel that would be interested in participating in the possible one-off passage, then you must register your interest as soon as possible using the below contact details. You will notified if an one-off controlled passage is reviewed as feasible.  

Mr Anvar Alizadeh

Highway Structures Manager

Hammersmith and Fulham Council  

Email: anvar.alizadeh@lbhf.gov.uk

Tel.: 020 8753 3303 Mobile: 07968859310

If you are registering, you will be asked to provide the following information to inform PLA about your vessel to assess the manner of passage under the bridge in a safe way.

  • Vessel Name
  • Length
  • Beam
  • Draught
  • Air Draft
  • Contact details of the Master
  • Where are you coming from and going to?
  • How long it will take you to reach Hammersmith Bridge